Tuesday, August 16, 2011

When I was in the city some days ago I saw something that made me stop for a while and just look.
I saw this cute cute little old man that dragged his dog after himself. He loved his dog SO much. The dog seemed unhappy first when his owner picked him up in his arms. The little man tickled him and smiled the biggest smile- but the dog was untouched. He picked up some candy and gave to the dog- but the dog did not get any happier. So the little man put the dog on the ground again and sat down beside him. He started talking with the dog and laughed until you finally saw the dog's little tail start to move. I then realized that I had been there for over fifteen minutes and ran to the bus station!
But on the bus I couldn't stop thinking about the man and his dog, so that's why this photo came up.

Enjoy it!

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