Wednesday, March 30, 2011

Today I learned a new word - Cavities

(Click on it for bigger picture)

ওহে! Did you know that I have very white teeth, and that I've not had one single cavities? Even though I eat junk food every single day. At least something small. Like today I ate some, not much, but some chips. 
Yesterday; Cupcake and chips
The day before that; Cake.
Last Saturday: Cake, cookies, candy, coke - it was wedding
I can go on like this forever, but doesn't this prove that candy, cookies and stuff like that, doesn't make you're teeth less white and causes cavities? 
'Cause I've heard that they do.
Great! One problem less to solve. And by that, I'm going to.. hum, do something. Arrivaderci

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