Sunday, March 27, 2011

Nice Day, Have fun, Cheers.

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My brother's wedding yesterday was amazing. Stunning! I really wish them the best for the future and I know they'll have a bright one. So yesterday was great! And I'm sooooo tired but I better wake up now because soon I'll be headed to the cinema, watching I'm number four with the best people! Maybe I'll take a jog around the house, then I'll better be more than just awake, you know, considering that it's freezing outside. Maybe I'll get a cold to, that would be nice! So, uhm, you know - Hasta la vista, baby!

Bytheway! The lion was made not so long ago in school, pretty proud of it actually. Yea, a little bit, ya know, nice, cute, cool and all that.


  1. Hi! A girl from Bangladesh here. You said you'd like to hear where your readers come from, so well; Bangladesh (;

  2. I come from sweden! you´r a really good writer!